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Steve Stearns has been involved in the natural health and wellness industry since 2003. He provides coaching and education that helps redirect food choices to wholesome, natural options. His clients experience amazing results from weight-loss, and reduced pain, to increased energy, improved sleep and more .

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The Most Surprising Way Your Bones Support You

The Most Surprising Way Your Bones Support You

Feb 2, 2018 | No Comments

Why Standing Helps with Healthy Weight It’s well documented that people who do a lot of sitting have increased risk of obesity. On the surface it makes sense because when you’re sitting, you’re not moving (much).  Sitting doesn’t allow you to burn many calories. But how does standing more reduce the risk of obesity? The answer […]

7 Myths About Clean Eating, Busted

7 Myths About Clean Eating, Busted

Oct 17, 2017 | No Comments

In March, I took a 30 day challenge. The challenge was to eat clean and support my bodies natural elimination organs. I’ll admit I was pretty nervous before I started but I found that not only was it easy, it had a profound impact on my health! I also found out I was wrong about […]

The Best Day of the Week to Weigh Yourself

The Best Day of the Week to Weigh Yourself

Jul 19, 2017 | No Comments

I’ve never really been crazy about math…all those numbers. I suppose it’s no fault of the numbers themselves, I mean 7 never did anything to me personally. Sometimes numbers are good like “how much did you win in the lottery?” and sometimes they’re not so good like “how much of that do I need to […]


  • Feeling Great

    I started the program in December 2017 thinking ‘what did I get myself into around the Holidays’? However, my other thought was ‘what better way to stay on track and get a jump start to the New Year’?

    After much consideration and enthusiasm from my coach, Steve Stearns, I decided to give it a try. I did my best to stay on track, avoid sugar during a time where there seems to be an abundance of it and better manage my meal plans during my work weeks.

    In the end, my clothes fit better, I feel less bloated on a regular basis, I no longer have indigestion and I never feel hungry. At least a dozen people have commented on how great I look; I simply feel great!

    I plan to continue using the chocolate protein shake mix combined with the fiber boost to supplement meals during my work weeks which have helped immensely with my hunger cravings when my time is limited.

    Thanks Steve for your persistence and introducing this to my life.

    - Dani D.

  • No More Acid Reflux

    I have suffered with severe acid reflux for most of my life. I have been on every medication out there. None helped. I still have one week to go on my detox but everyone needs to know this one important thing. I have had zero acid reflux issues since starting this program. Not even the tiniest bit of heartburn. Thank You Steve Stearns

    - Rich S.

  • Eating Healthy For the Rest of My Life

    I just finished the 28 day detox and lost 11.5 lbs and 3 “! I want to thank my coach Steve Stearns for all of his words of encouragement and support ! It’s a great program and I learned so much 😀 and can continue to work on eating healthy for the rest of my life.Thank you Steve!!

    - Lisa S.

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