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Steve Stearns has been involved in the natural health and wellness industry since 2003. He provides coaching and education that helps redirect food choices to wholesome, natural options. His clients experience amazing results from weight-loss, and reduced pain, to increased energy, improved sleep and more .

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Willpower for Lasting Weight Loss

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Have you ever felt like you just didn’t have the willpower to succeed at your weight loss goals?
Well if so, you’re not alone it happens to all of us…but there is good news! You don’t need superior will power to succeed. In fact, I’ve got three tips to share with you today that will have you on track and achieving your weight loss goals whether you feel you have will power or not.

5 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

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You made your resolution but despite your best efforts you’re not losing weight! Why not? You might be surprised how many products and strategies touted to help you are actually working against you!

Does Eating Before Bed Make You Fat?

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Does eating right before bed make you fat? Well, this is a controversial question. Rather than mulling it over with a pint of ice cream see what we conclude in this week’s video…..


  • Feeling Good When Eating Good

    I have finally come to realize that as you get older you can’t just eat and drink what ever you want without it taking a toll of your body. I talked with my friend Steve Stearns last year and tried a 30 Day Eating Healthy Challenge. I lost almost 30 lbs and trimmed down quite a bit.

    Well, being as stubborn as I am and enjoying the holidays I gained some of it back over the course of the year. I ate clean again last month and have made the realization that the bad food that I thought I was craving makes me feel bad the day after if I eat it. It’s like a bad food hangover.

    I feel good when I eat good, as hard as that was for me to admit. I would like to thank my wife for her support and wisdom and Steve for giving me the tools I needed to start each challenge. I honestly don’t know much about nutrition so I rely on shortcuts like protein shakes. I love it when you can get everything you need in one place and have a cheat sheet to go off of.

    If anybody wants to give it a try or has questions just let me know or reach out to Steve Stearns, he’s a great guy and I trust him so you can too. Thanks again to Steve and my wonderful wife for putting up with my eating roller coaster over the years…lol

    - Mike G

  • Feeling Great

    I started the program in December 2017 thinking ‘what did I get myself into around the Holidays’? However, my other thought was ‘what better way to stay on track and get a jump start to the New Year’?

    After much consideration and enthusiasm from my coach, Steve Stearns, I decided to give it a try. I did my best to stay on track, avoid sugar during a time where there seems to be an abundance of it and better manage my meal plans during my work weeks.

    In the end, my clothes fit better, I feel less bloated on a regular basis, I no longer have indigestion and I never feel hungry. At least a dozen people have commented on how great I look; I simply feel great!

    I plan to continue using the chocolate protein shake mix combined with the fiber boost to supplement meals during my work weeks which have helped immensely with my hunger cravings when my time is limited.

    Thanks Steve for your persistence and introducing this to my life.

    - Dani D.

  • No More Acid Reflux

    I have suffered with severe acid reflux for most of my life. I have been on every medication out there. None helped. I still have one week to go on my detox but everyone needs to know this one important thing. I have had zero acid reflux issues since starting this program. Not even the tiniest bit of heartburn. Thank You Steve Stearns

    - Rich S.

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