3 Natural Ways to Burn Fat While You Sleep


Burn Fat While You Sleep

Today I’m sharing three simple tips you can implement today to Burn Fat While You Sleep tonight. What if I told you you could burn as many calories sleeping as you could running for 40 minutes on a treadmill?

Despite what you might think, sleep is a very active time for your body. During the night your body repairs cells, consolidates memories and reboots all sorts of brain cells and neural networks. It’s a lot of work!  In fact, the average 150 pound person burns around 440 calories in about 7 hours of quality sleep.

So one of the very best ways to burn fat while you sleep is to….get enough quality sleep! 🙂 

Quality Sleep

Aside from the calories your body burns during it’s nightly repair, getting enough quality sleep can help you burn even more fat by increasing brown fat (which is the good fat that helps get rid of white fat aka the bad fat)

Brown fat has been shown to guard against obesity and improve metabolic health. When you stick to a regular sleep schedule, you encourage your body to produce melatonin which encourages the production of brown fat. 

When it comes to burning fat while you sleep Brown fat is pretty important. It does this cool thing called Thermogenesis (which means it produces heat and burns calories).  

Ok, sounds good…so keeping a regular schedule helps is there anything else you can do to increase brown fat? Yup!!! Exposing your body to cool and even cold temperatures helps recruit brown fat from muscle and white fat in your body. So keeping your bedroom cool is another good strategy to burn fat while you sleep.

Build Muscle

Getting some resistance training in during the day to build muscle is a great strategy for burning fat at night. Building muscle helps increase your basal metabolic rate or your resting metabolism and resistance training is very effective. In fact, according to one review, “10 weeks of resistance training could help increase calories burned at rest by 7% and may reduce fat weight by 4 pounds!”

So should you go heavy just before bed? No, it’s best to give your body 4 or 5 hours of space between your workout and bedtime. You’ll still get the positive effects but lifting to close too bed could interrupt your sleep. 

If you feel the urge to exercise before bed try something more calming like yoga.

Protein Shake Before Bed

Shake as part of your daily plan having it just before bed could be advantageous because protein is been shown to boost your metabolism and encourage muscle growth

I’m sorry I suggest that about 40 g of protein before bed is ideal for muscle growth however that’s a lot of protein and a lot of calories

40 g of protein should be about 160 cal but if you add almond milk and fruit etc. you could be looking at around 300 cal

So if you consider a protein shake just before bed make sure you reduce those calories from your daily intake so that you’ll see a benefit.

Free Resource

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