5 Apps to Help You Drink More Water


Are Your Drinking Enough Water?

hydrateWater is so good for you but a lot of us just don’t drink enough of it each day. It’s vital for almost every function and cell in your body. For optimal health you should consume roughly half your body weight in fluid ounces per day. For example: If you weigh 200 pounds that would be about 100 ounces of water.

Sounds good but it can be tricky to keep track and remember to do it. We all have busy lives and it’s easy to get distracted. Let’s face it, the last thing you want to do before turning in for the night is stand by the bed and guzzle 32 ounces of water!

These 5 apps can help make it fun and easy to get all your H20 in throughout the day.

1 Waterlogged

If you’re not drinking enough water Waterlogged can help! Waterlogged comes complete with charts & reminders (upgrade) to keep you going. Every second, someone around the world is using Waterlogged to track & improve their daily water intake. Works with Apple Health, Fitbit & more.

2 Daily Water

Since 2/3 of your body consists of water it’s important to stay hydrated. Unfortunately, chronic dehydration is all too common and is an underlying cause of many illnesses. When you’re too busy to drink water, or only drink water when you feel thirsty, it can be too late. Daily Water can help you remember to drink water throughout the day to stay well hydrated and healthy. Available for iOS and Android.

3 Plant Nanny

** BEST APP OF 2013 in App Store ** *** Downloaded over 1,000,000 times! *** Plant Nanny combines health with fun to remind you to drink water regularly. The cute plant keeps you company every day by living in your phone. In order to keep it alive and help it grow, you must give it water! Plant Nanny is available on iOS and Android.

4 Splashy Water Tracker

Drink more water, Track daily water intake, Get hydration reminder. Integrated with Apple Health Kit + Available on Apple Watch + Get into a regular water drinking habit with games, reminders and more + With Splashy Water Tracker you can add water right from Notifications on iPhone, Watch or iPad +

5 Water Tracker

Water is vital for life, and plain water is a calorie-free option for hydration. Increasing consumption of drinking water is a strategy to reduce energy intake and lose or maintain weight.Water Tracker makes it easy to stay hydrated for FREE!


Staying properly hydrated is important and with the help of your smartphone and any one of these free water tracking apps it’s easy too! For

Bonus Idea


If you don’t have a smartphone try dividing your day up.

  • 1/3 of your daily ounces on your commute to work,
  • 1/3 of your daily ounces before lunch,
  • 1/3 of your daily ounces between lunch and close of business.

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