5 Ways to Support Your Immune System


What is Your Immune System

Your immune system is your, invisible-shield which helps protect you from various diseases. It’s a complex system and while strengthening it or boosting it sounds like a smart idea the ability to do that has been difficult for researchers to nail down. However, there are simple lifestyle changes you can make to support your immune system.

Keeping your hands clean helps prevent the spread of germs and germs can attack your immune system. 

When should you wash your hands? 

  • Before eating, 
  • After using the bathroom,
  • After petting and animal 
  • After coming in contact with someone who is sick. 

To wash thoroughly sing one verse of Happy Birthday! (that should be enough time).

Get Plenty of Sleep

Not getting enough sleep suppresses immune system function. According to Web MD, studies have shown that T-Cells go down and inflammatory cytokines go up when you don’t get enough sleep and that can leave you more susceptible to colds and flu.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Belly fat triggers the production of “pro-inflammatory” immune cells.  Additionally, studies have shown that overweight or obese people’s immune cells don’t respond adequately to foreign invaders. 

Exercise Daily

Exercising daily helps keep your body moving and helps white blood cells and immune cells get where they are needed to support you. Exercise can also help reduce your stress. Stress is another factor which can weaken your immune system.

Immune Boosting Recipes

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