Winter Sports Tips

Outside Activities for Winter There are a lot of fun things to do outside in the winter. You can choose from sports and activities like Skiing, skating, snowshoeing, hiking and more but if you’re not prepared to be active outside it can be less than fun. Tips for Outdoor Sports in the Cold Here are […]

Unusual Tips for Living Longer

Unusual Tips to Help You Live Longer You’re in good health and you love life so you want to live a long time. While tomorrow is never promised there are some things you can to help give you an edge. If you want to live a long time… keep both hands on the wheel Look […]

Beach Body Beans

Work on Your Beach Body Is it possible to achieve a beach body with out killing yourself all winter in the gym? Let’s look at easy strategy you can use so you’re ready to take to the beach next time you hear surfs up! Think Beans! When you think about golden sand, sea gulls and […]

The Health Effects of Complaining

A Gift for Complaining Do you know anyone that seems to complain about everything? Chances are you do. I actually worked with someone who complained about getting a raise because it meant the government would take more taxes! Some people just have a gift for finding the negative side of things. How Does Chronic Complaining […]

Color Me Fit – How Color Influences Your Workout

Could Color Influence Your Workout? It seems as though the answer is YES! Today, we’ll see how different colors can impact your performance. Energy It is said that the color red is powerful enough to give you a surge of intense energy. Certainly seems to work for bulls. If you could benefit from an extra […]

Overcoming Fear of the Gym

Anxious about Going to the Gym? Many people want to go the gym but fear running into Big mean bodybuilders Complicated Machines Judgmental people and complete failure! But fear not…I’ve got some tips to help you feel less anxious about heading to the gym. Tips to Feel Less Anxious About The Gym #1 Take a […]

Tips for Better Sleep During Time Change

Daylight Savings Time Is it Daylight savings time again? ARGHHH I got questions….and some tips. Whether you fall back or spring ahead Daylight Savings can do a number on you. Here’s what I dislike the most, it’s dark when I go to work and it’s dark when I get home! No, I don’t live in […]

The Fit N 14 Challenge

I’m taking on a 14 Day Challenge to improve my health and fitness and It got me thinking….what else can be done in 14 days? Well if you’re a Turtle: And you’re able to average a walking speed of 3 miles per hour you could walk from New York City to Cincinnati, Ohio and still […]

Get Fat to Get Healthy

Reach Your Ideal Weight How would you feel if you could reach your ideal weight without being hungry? Well, today I’ll share something that can reduce your hunger, improve your heart health and help with weight loss all at the same time! Confusion About Fat I hit the streets to see what questions you had […]

Stop Feeding Your Migraine

Migraines are Severe Migraines are severe and last longer than a typical headache and if you’ve ever had one you know you’d do almost anything to get relief! Did you know that 75% of people 18 – 65 have experienced headaches? and 30% of those people have experienced full blown migraines! But recent studies and […]