My Favorite Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners

My Favorite Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners

Why Low Impact? High impact exercises like running can be good for strengthening your bones but done too consistently can lead to issues. High Impact can be hard on your knees, hips, ankles and other joints. Balancing high impact exercise with low impact exercises like swimming, walking, yoga and biking is a good strategy. Low […]

At Home Fitness Tips for Boomer Newbies

At Home Fitness Tips for Boomer Newbies

Boomers like you and me want to get in shape for various reasons. We want to look better, we want more energy, improved cholesterol numbers, lower blood pressure, we want to reduce or eliminate the need for certain medications, improve our immune systems or just feel better over all. Here are some of my At Home Fitness Tips for Boomer Newbies.

Color Me Fit – How Color Influences Your Workout

Could Color Influence Your Workout? It seems as though the answer is YES! Today, we’ll see how different colors can impact your performance. Energy It is said that the color red is powerful enough to give you a surge of intense energy. Certainly seems to work for bulls. If you could benefit from an extra […]

Overcoming Fear of the Gym

Anxious about Going to the Gym? Many people want to go the gym but fear running into Big mean bodybuilders Complicated Machines Judgmental people and complete failure! But fear not…I’ve got some tips to help you feel less anxious about heading to the gym. Tips to Feel Less Anxious About The Gym #1 Take a […]

5 Handy Items For Your Gym Bag

What’s In Your Gym Bag? Ok so what’s in your gym bag?…Do I really want to know? Check out these 5 Handy Items For Your Gym Bag. Be the best prepared dude or dudette at the gym! Plus a special bonus to help with post 🏋️‍♀️ workout recovery! So what do we have? Let’s see […]

Pure Health 365 – #5 Your Impressive Core

Strong Core Your core is much more than a six-pack of muscles hiding beneath your belly. A strong core wraps around your entire torso, works to stabilize your body, protect your spine and help maintain your balance. Build a Strong Core While Working Out Here’s a great way to strengthen your core every time you […]