A Challenge to Make You Smile

A One Day Challenge I do a lot of 30 day challenges but this one is different. It’s a ONE day challenge!! Are you up for it? Here’s the big challenge —> How many people can you get to smile today? Why is smiling so darn great? How can you get others to smile? Find […]

Could Kindness Help you Be Less Anxious?

How Kindness Helps Others and You Being Kind is the easiest way to help those around you. And research also shows that being kind to others is good for you too! For example did you know that being kind can help protect you against depression and anxiety? It’s true! In a study at the University […]

Kindness Challenge

September Challenge This month I’m taking on another challenge and this is going to be fun! Here’s what I’m doing. Each day I’ll be looking for opportunities to perform at least 1 Random Act of Kindness or give 1 Sincere Compliment. I’ll be doing this everyday in September. Why Am I Doing This? It feels […]