Color Me Fit – How Color Influences Your Workout


Could Color Influence Your Workout?

It seems as though the answer is YES! Today, we’ll see how different colors can impact your performance.


It is said that the color red is powerful enough to give you a surge of intense energy. Certainly seems to work for bulls. If you could benefit from an extra energy boost at the gym….think red.


Need some energy and motivation…try the color yellow. Maybe it reminds us of the sun? But whatever the reason it can help bust your funk and get you back to your workout.

Calm Your Nerves

According to experts, (are there actually color experts?) blue has always been known to be a color that helps to calm your nerves. So if you’re a bit nervous about that cross fit class or competing in your next race think blue.

So How Can you Take Advantage of This Colorful Information?

Try putting on workout clothes in a color that works for your particular needs

  • Select a RED gym bag for more power
  • Choose a Yellow Yoga mat to stay motivated
  • Put on Blue running shoes to calm your nerves before that 10K you’ve been training for. I wonder if rose colored glasses would work?

So for more power, energy and composure add some color to your next workout.

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