Frozen Banana Ice Cream


Girl eating Banana Ice CreamWhen it’s hot outside it’s easy to let your mind drift to ice cream! There you are standing in line waiting to order your favorite flavor and then (record scratch) you remember you’re off dairy and staying away from sugar. No worries, I’ve found a yummy clean recipe that provides a healthy, non dairy alternative to your favorite summer treat.

If you know me I’m always looking for recipes that are easy because I’m no kitchen pro. I also don’t have a lot of time so I like to find simple clean recipes that don’t take hours to make. This Frozen Banana Ice Cream recipe totally fits the bill.

Here’s What You Need:

  • Bananas (Frozen)
  • Chocolate Chips or Walnuts (or other additions)


Step One: Freeze Your Bananas

This first step does take a while because you want to FREEZE some bananas. We like to move any bananas we didn’t get to during the week to the freezer so overtime we build up a good supply. Make sure to keep them in their peel. Alternatively, you could simply set some in the freezer overnight to make ice cream the next day.

Step Two: Peel and Smash Your Bananas

This step is a ton of fun and a little gross too (perfect for the kids). Peel your frozen bananas and then place them in a food processes. Mush them up into a pudding like consistency.

Step Three: Add something

Here’s where you can get creative and add some of your favorites to the mixture. Chocolate chips, walnuts, coconut or whatever you chose. Experiment and come up with your family favorites.

Step Four: Back to the Freezer

Spoon the entire mixture into a container and place it back in the freezer to let it harden up. Leave for approximately 2 -3 hours (depending on how you like your ice cream).

Serve and enjoy your Banana Ice Cream cold from the freezer.

The only thing better than enjoying a cold treat on a hot day is enjoying one you won’t feel guilty about afterward. We like Banana Chocolate Chip. What’s your favorite flavor? Share in the comments below.


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