Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss You’ll Love


Healthy Snacks that Help with Weight Loss

Are you a snacker? A lot of us are and a lot of those grab and go snacks can work against your best efforts to lose weight. What if you could enjoy delicious, high protein snacks that satisfied your cravings and kept you in track? Sounds good right? Well I’ve got three Healthy Snacks to share today that actually help with weight loss. Best part, they taste great too!

Why Snack on Protein?

When your snacks are based on protein instead of carbs and fat you reduce the hunger hormone and boost several (I feel satisfied) hormones. That means a reduction in hunger and that helps you eat less and lose weight! Protein also takes more energy to process so it actually causes you to burn more calories than eating carbs or fat.

Hard Boiled Eggs

  • These are SUPER simple to make! (If you can boil water and set a timer you’re in!)
  • My method is to bring a pot of water to boil, put eggs in the water and set a timer for 10 minutes, drain water and cover eggs with cold water. Store in Fridge!
  • 2 Large Hard-boiled eggs provide about 12g of protein!

Protein Balls

These are delicious but a bit more complicated to make than boiling eggs (still simple enough)

  • Vegan Protein = 15 gram
  • Gluten Free Oats = 5 gram protein
  • Almond Butter = 7 grams of protein
  • Organic Honey

Mix all ingredients, roll into balls and refrigerate. Makes 6 Protein Balls each with approximately 5 grams of protein!

Protein Fudgcicle

  1. Almond Milk = 8 grams
  2. Vegan Protein = 20 grams of protein
  3. Almond Butter = 7 grams of protein

Makes 6 Fudgcicles each with approximately 6g of protein each

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