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In this video I talk with Liz Hall about strategies for helping your kids establish health habits. Liz is a fitness professional and mother of two and shares some really powerful advice and ideas for incorporating fun exercise, games and nutrition for parents who want to help their children establish life long healthy habits.

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About Liz

Thank you Steve for having me here. I’m Liz Hall I’m super excited to be on this group and to be invited to share tips with you guys. 

A little bit about myself, I’m actually born and raised here in California and I do have two young kids I have  four-year-old and a six-year-old and my background is in fitness. I’ve been in the fitness industry for 20 years.

I’ve always been very active I was an athlete growing up so I was always very into fitness. I always loved kind of like how incredible our human body is and what it’s capable of performance wise and things like that. 

I went to school for kinesiology exercise science so learning more about what the body is capable of doing and all that kind of stuff and then so I ended up having a career path where I was in personal training for 20 years helping others get healthy.  

When I became a mom I obviously very much instilled it into my kids from when they were in my in my belly. I mean I was like making sure

I was eating the best foods and things like that when my kids were born as soon as they started eating solids I was very very in tuned in what I was feeding my kids.  I even waited two years for my daughter to have any kind of refined sugars.

Tips to Help Your Kids Establish Healthy Habits 

Healthy Eating

The biggest thing is that I really discuss with them healthy foods versus treats. Having treats are good, fine and dandy but at the same time you really want to fuel your body with as much healthy food as possible so that’s always been my number one thing of how I’ve instilled healthy eating from the very beginning.

Getting Active

My background is in fitness and funny thing is my husbands also in fitness too so we’re a pretty active family. My kids are super active so we literally take them outside to the park a couple times a day. When they’re out and active they are free to run and spend all that (kid) energy!  Getting their energy out makes them happier.

I also try my best to limit screen time and really set timers on that so they’re not glued to it. It can be a real drain on their energy and it’s also super addictive. 

When we go to a park in open grass areas we’ll do family races we’ll kick the ball around. We’ll play a silly game of whatever and just kind of make things up. I try to make it fun and make it kind of a family affair. 

Rest of the Transcript

all right i believe we are live
awesome very excited um so if you are
joining us live
welcome if you are on the replay welcome
i'm here with uh
liz hall really excited to have uh liz
joining us today
all the way from the other side of the
country she's on the
west coast is that right you're on the
west side yeah um
and liz is a fitness professional and
she's also a mom
of two awesome little kiddos and she's
gonna share her
um you know tips with us today
strategies just on
how to create a healthy lifestyle uh for
your kids or help your kids
create a lifestyle um and uh liz can you
just tell us a little bit about your
your background maybe
yeah for sure well thank you steve for
having me here
i'm liz hall i'm super excited to be
on this group and to be invited to
pretend to share
tips with you guys yes a little bit
about myself i'm actually born and
raised here in california
and um i do have two young kids i have a
and a six-year-old and my background is
in fitness i've been in the fitness
industry for
20 years it's crazy to say it out loud
that it's been that long
but 20 years um i've always been very
active i was an athlete growing up
um so i was always very into fitness
and i always loved kind of like how
incredible our human body is and what
it's capable of
performance wise and things like that
and um
so i i've always been into that and when
i went i went to school
for kinesiology exercise science so
learning more about what the body is
capable of doing and all that kind of
stuff and then
yeah so i ended up having a career path
where i was in personal training for 20
helping others get healthy getting fit
building their confidence and things
like that so my foundation
was pretty strong like pretty much all
my life so then when i
became a mom i obviously very much
instilled it into my kids from
when they were in my in my belly
basically i mean i was like making sure
i was eating the best foods and things
like that
when my kids were born as soon as they
started eating solids like it was just i
i was very very in tuned in what i was
fueling my kids with um
i even waited two years for my daughter
to have any kind of refined sugars like
i was pretty obsessive about it and i
know not everyone
thinks about it to that extent but just
to be completely candid and honest like
that's kind of how i
i started with my kids from very very
very beginning
um so they they don't know any
difference i mean yes i do
give them indulgent indulgences and
treats and things like that they're not
completely sheltered from any of that i
mean they go to kids parties all the
time and have cake and candy and things
like that
but the biggest thing is what is that i
really discuss with them
um healthy foods versus treats and
having treats are good and fine and
dandy and they're taste yummy and
they're so good
but at the same time like you really
want to fuel your body with as much
healthy food as possible so that's
always been my number one thing of how
instilled it from the very beginning
that's awesome i love that so you i mean
it's it's that approach of just really
just talking to them even at an early
age i mean you have those are
those are pretty pretty little kids that
you've got but you're still talking to
them um
and just kind of educating them on
moderation kind of
yes yes exactly moderation the quality
of the food like what they're eating and
things like that so um and when they
understand like the difference and
it's not um they get it like they're
like okay can i have this treat today
like sure like okay we'll have a treat
today will be a you know you can have a
treat today like
that one treat and things like that but
let's first let's first feed our body
with healthy food that's what our body
really needs for
you know and explaining that like what
our body really needs versus like okay
the fun stuff and like the candies and
things like that
so yeah yeah great that's awesome
so and and what has your experience been
you know i i know i sometimes i'll talk
um my parents and i and this has
happened to me before too where
i know that once i get my kids outside
and doing something active and fun
whoops i think i lost it there for a
um i can still hear you though so that's
okay there you go it's like it's like a
power outage i don't know
that's okay um uh i know that once i get
my kids outside
doing something active and something fun
they love it it's the hard part is
getting them to do that which is kind of
true for adult sometimes too it's hard
for us to motivate
to go exercise so do you have any uh
tips or strategies for just getting kids
moving and getting kids active
yes sorry i'm taking you guys with me i
had to open the door for the family
okay yes tips on getting moving and
so as i said mentioned that my
background's in fitness
and funny thing is my husband's also in
fitness too so we're
pretty active family as you can hear my
kids are
home now that i hear every day
but um so we're very active family my
kids are super active oh cool
we want to say hello hi guys say hi
my kids oh my my we're really active
family my kids are super active so
literally taking them outside to the
like two times a day at least um
because when they're out and active and
free to run
and to spend that energy that they have
naturally as kids
they're just happier they're happier
kids we
are happier that they're not all over us
like the entire time like cooped up in
the house
and um so i really um get them outside
to move around as much as possible um i
really do try my best in limiting like
screen time and really setting timers on
that so they're not like
glued to that because that's really
draining on their energy and it's also
like super super addictive to do that
and so yeah really um
setting timers and strong strong
boundaries on that
um and making activity fun um so we
started getting the kids and
starting like organized sports starting
soccer like tennis little
different things like that and see how
they gravitate to it how they like it
um when we go to a park in open grass
areas we'll do
family races we'll kick the ball around
we'll play
just you know a silly game of
whatever we'll just kind of make things
up and just make it fun and make it kind
of a family affair
that's awesome i have to remember seeing
a video that you had posted on your
instagram i think of you uh chasing
after them and catching them or
something it looks like you guys are
having a great time
and that actually um uh i think that
brings up a great point too what you
said about when when kids are getting
that energy out of themselves and
burning all that stuff off with their
activity there's happier
people in general and especially right
now with everybody kind of
shut down and hunkered down and stuff
that's got to be
critically important for them exactly
exactly so yeah since we can't go
to the other things that we're used to
whether it's even going to
like those indoor playgrounds or going
yeah things like that or as of you know
birthday parties and stuff like that so
all of that's really limited right now
so it's like you have to find
other ways of being active going on
hikes going oh we would go for walks
around the neighborhood a lot
going for bike rides um doing that as a
and that makes it fun um just something
just to get outdoors and
you just have to kind of get creative
and on a
almost on a kid level so like chasing
the kids like kids love to be chased
like making a game out of it yeah
you know so they love that and then it
gets everyone moving
family moms and dads are moving and kids
are moving so it comes becomes like a
um you know everyone's getting healthy
together and just moving their body
together and i talk to my kids about
i talk to they see me working since the
gyms are closed you know so i've been
working out in our garage
so i'll work out in the garage and we
have a little open space in front of our
garage kind of like a kind of like a
little mini cul-de-sac
and the kids will ride their bike around
so i'm getting my workout
in their plane and they're watching me
work out and they understand like k
mommy's working out and they were like
hey mom i want to work out with you okay
like so then i'll give him a few little
like my daughter will start writing on a
whiteboard like okay i'm going to do
10 jumping jacks i'm going to do um
five burpees and so she knows like some
of the lingo
and the words and so it's kind of like
as a parent if like you're doing it and
being that role model for your kids
your kids are literally like it's just
almost like you don't have to pull teeth
to do it they just want to they'll
emulate what you're doing
you know they look up to they look up to
us so um they're going to want to do
those things and so it's cute to see my
kids like want to get involved in our
that's fun that is that that's super um
you know i love that
that you know it's really about leading
by example
and this could be a great motivation for
parents to
to get out there and exercise i mean if
you're not if you're not motivated to do
it for yourself do it for your kids and
exactly yeah they'll follow you so
that's awesome i love that
that's so true i love that she knows
burpees too that's crazy
i know these kids can nail a burpee down
really well i was impressed like i think
i don't remember teaching in that but
they can do burpees really well they
just pick it up from watching
uh watching mom and dad yeah that's
awful well that doesn't really do
but i don't know about that yeah
they see mommy yeah i i hate burpees
they're terrible
uh they're great for you i just
agree so
you know we were talking before we kind
of went went live here we were talking
about the whole homeschooling thing and
how parents have been thrown into this
um this world where we have to
be a teacher also and i know in schools
it's really important that the kids are
throughout the day again they've just
got so much more energy than we do do
you have any tips for
parents that are kind of homeschooling
their kids now and how to just
incorporate some movement into the day
i have you just reminded me of a great
game i played with them went during
during spring so for pe
at home i came up with this game
and i have this cup and inside
i made this perfectly was perfectly here
and the perfect time for me to share
so i did a bunch of strips of paper and
i wrote different exercises
on each of them so they each took a turn
they they made it even more fun like
they took a wallet and they were doing
you know tossing in the air who would go
first whoever got one goes first they
would pick a piece of paper and then
read it and says jump up and down
five times and then they would do it
they'd move it again and they would
next person goes and they read the next
okay run in place you know so they like
this thing was full of different
exercises and the kids
loved it it was a good 30 minutes
of them exercising and doing all these
different things so
that was a really fun pe exercise that
um that was good for them they got all
their wiggles out they were exhausted
i mean i we have stairs so i had them
running 10 stairs
um and doing like bear crawls to the
um push-ups um whatever whatever you
standing on one leg and singing the
alphabet standing on the other leg
singing twinkle twinkle little star like
whatever like things like that and
getting creative and the kids had a ball
so just having fun different exercises
pe pe for high school
right pe for home school yeah that's
fantastic i love that
now and you know the other thing before
we run out of time i wanted to ask you
about is
how how important is it um because we're
talking about
lifelong habits here how important is it
to really get your kids started
down this road now um you know does it
you know i just i mean just to love to
that you know my kids at my age are
going to be working out and exercising
and great health
and just very active is that is that
important to get them started early
like this oh gosh absolutely the earlier
the better i mean if you didn't start
super early
start just start now like whenever you
can start just start because
kids are very especially i mean when
they're really young they i mean they
you know we all know that they're like
sponges right so they absorb
so much when they're young so if you can
start them as young as possible but
whatever age that they're at just get
them started and
because it's a little harder as they're
getting older and they get stuck in
their ways like we all get stuck in our
ways as we get older right
so just like make it a family affair
that's why like involving
parents and kids to do it together don't
just like point at your kid and like
okay you need to start
doing that when you don't do it yourself
right so that's why if you can make it a
family affair and you
all get involved together um and then
it's like an accountability thing you
okay mom like mom you can do this like
if mom's slacking like
you know the son can pick you know pick
up mom and like come on mom let's do
this or dad's liking
or the kid you know you can all just
kind of pull and work together
and it just brings like a more
close-knit environment between you guys
as a family to do it together
so whatever age you are you can totally
and then but i just feel like as you
would get as like the kids or older
to make it more of a family unit
i mean yes we really made it a family
unit like from the very beginning
but i'm just saying like any at any age
you can definitely start
um yeah and just making it like a
together family unit that you guys
can all do it together that's great so
i mean it's another benefit too it's a
it's kind of a bonding
thing for the family it's something fun
that the whole family does together and
yeah i love it that's awesome that's
um if you had uh we're almost out of
time but
uh it's not like we're out of time i
just try to keep it to 15 minutes yes
um but if you had if you had
one one tip that you think
could help somebody out there that says
you know my my kids really kind of
turning into a couch potato and i don't
want that to happen
i really want them to be healthy either
nutritionally or active or physical
what's what's one you know one main tip
that you think could really have a big
impact oh gosh that's a good question
hard to give one but when it comes to
food for exam i would
getting creative on things that like
your kids whatever your kid's favorite
is say it's mac and cheese that's
usually a favorite or pizza
trying to make a healthier version of it
or adding veggies to the mac and cheese
adding cut up spinach to the mac and
um adding veggies to your pizza
or cutting like down on the on the
cheese and maybe switching your crust
to a cauliflower crust trying that just
trying little
switches and changes um because i know
it's hard to switch a palette of the
kids who has
are set in their ways with what they
like or they could be very picky eaters
um so trying little additions
to the foods that they like um and just
kind of working that way and just kind
of being patient i know um
it takes a lot of patience with kids and
like getting them acclimated to
when they maybe they've never tried
anything like that before
so just being patient and giving them
time to get used to it don't just give
up the one time
the second time the third time like just
keep trying
keep doing it i mean even as as adults
like it takes a lot
some time to get acquired to a taste and
eventually you might like it
so it's just and you're thinking about
changing this habit for your child so
it's going to take some time
um that would be my tip for food and for
actually would go kind of go hand in
hand with the physical activity too
um start by just like taking you know
a 15-minute walk around the neighborhood
with your child and
you know as a parent putting your phone
away and you know if it's
you know and just like spending that
quality time and being able to
chat with your kids um and then working
your way up to 20 minutes okay mom let's
like let's
let's ch let's set up a family challenge
let's see if we can do
this you know i don't know run around
our neighborhood
in like 10 minutes i don't know
something like that to like make it a
and i think like i think with older kids
they kind of like
that like having like that challenge
like oh yeah you can't beat mom like
i'll do that i can do that you know
make it like a friendly competition
amongst the family i think that will
kind of
turn things around where it's not like
okay we gotta go exercise let's go
exercise you know instead of taking that
take that word out and make it kind of
like a fun challenge
for that's the fun thing yeah that's
awesome those are those are amazing
uh tips liz thank you so much for that
and i i love it and uh if um
uh if people wanna uh to learn more
about you
and maybe follow you on instagram can
you can you uh
tell us your instagram handle or where
they can find you
sure it is lizzie l-i-z-z-i-e
hall h-a-l-l-25 i can i can post on the
page right
oh yeah yeah yeah so i can post it too
just in case
i'm pretty sure great yeah i think it
would be great because
yeah i i love your instagram stuff
you're always doing workouts and things
like that
and some of your tick tocks you're a
great dancer today so that's good
thanks that's nice and you're very brave
i don't do anything
cool well thanks again liz it was uh
super fun here i really appreciate you
doing that
of course thank you for having me okay
stick around for a second we'll we'll
stop going live but we'll be there
okay bye

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