How to Handle Jet Lag in a Healthy Way


Boy Are My Arms Tired

I recently flew to Vegas for business which took me from Eastern Standard Time to Pacific Standard Time (and messes me up EVERY TIME!) It’s only three hours difference but it can do a number on your sleep, digestion, brain power and energy levels. Next time you fly, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure these tips can help you handle Jet Lag in a healthy way.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

This tip starts before you even get to the airport! Before you fly the friendly skies make sure you get a good nights sleep. Sure, you might be excited about your trip but sticking to your regular sleep schedule before you leave can make it easier to adjust to that new time zone and reduce feelings of jet lag.

Avoid Caffeine

On the way to the airport you may be tempted to double up on caffeine and stock up on energy drinks but it’s not advised. Drinking lots of coffee or energy drinks might help at first but all that extra caffeine will make it harder to adjust once you arrive at your destination. When traveling cut down and or avoid caffeine and other stimulants all together.

Stock Up on B Vitamins

B Vitamin Fizz SticksInstead of relying on caffeine for energy try “B” vitamins. “B” vitamins are a natural way to boost your energy and have the added effect of relieving stress (something that goes hand-in-hand with traveling).  When I’m on the move I love to pack FIZZ sticks. They contain B vitamins, antioxidants and green tea which give me the natural, healthy boost I need to keep my energy levels up.  Oh yeah, and I’m totally addicted to them! They taste great! I mix one Fizz Stick in 24 ounce of water which also helps keep me hydrated and is your next tip for handling jet lag.

Drink Lots of Water

Dehydration can worsen the effects of jet lag so drinking plenty of water is essential while traveling. It’s also one of the very best, healthy ways to maintain your energy levels and fight fatigue.

Set Your Watch

Now that you’re finally on the plane adjust your watch and set it to your destination time. Adjusting the time can help you prepare psychologically and put your mind in the right place.

Have Dinner

When you land, try to stay up long enough to eat dinner, (close to local dinner time) before going to bed. This is another healthy way you can reset your body clock to local time. (It works like a charm, especially if you select healthy food and eat light)

What are your tips?

Get the most out of your next vacation or business trip and try using these tips to handle jet lag in a healthy way. Do you have some favorite, healthy tips for beating jet lag when you travel? Leave a comment below and share!


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