How to Improve Your Balance as You Get Older


Improve Your Balance as You Age

As you age the systems you rely on to keep you balanced can decline. To prevent injury and embarrassment it’s important to incorporate exercises that help improve your balance.

Why is balance important?

  1. Everyday life requires a good deal of balance
  2. When you’re balanced you’re confident (going up and down stairs, playing sports, getting in and out of the car, etc…)
  3. As you age you can become more prone to falls due to a lack of balance.
  4. Falling in public can be dangerous and embarrassing.

Why Does Your Balance Decline as You Age?

You rely on input from your vision, inner ear (vestibular system) and muscles, joints and skin (proprioception) to help you orient and stay balanced. As you get older your vision often declines, muscles get weaker and you can become less flexible. Add that you may lead a sedentary lifestyle and all of this can contribute to a decline in overall balance.

How to Improve Your Balance

Yoga – Holding yoga poses can strengthen your muscles, help you gain more flexibility and improve your overall balance.

Close Your Eyes – While standing or holding onto something for support, close your eyes. Let your body find it’s center of balance. It’s harder to balance without visual input and practicing this way can help strengthen the other two systems you rely on.

Stand on One Leg – Try standing on one leg whenever you can. This is straight up balance practice! Stand on one leg while brushing your teeth, doing the dishes or waiting in line.

Try Bosu balls or other equipment designed to help strengthen your balance.

BONUS – strengthen your core. A strong core will help improve your balance since so many stabilizing muscles live in that neighborhood 🙂

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