Maximize Your Workout with Ryan Krane


Maximize Your Workout

I want to introduce you to a really great friend of mine Ryan Krane. Ryan is a Fitness Entrepreneur & Corrective Exercise Specialist from California. He is going to share some incredible tips with us and I’m super excited so take it away Ryan!  

Prepare for Your Workout

So there’s a couple of things that we can do to prepare for our workout it doesn’t really matter what it is whether it’s a swim, a hike, a bike, a Run, you’re lifting weights or whatever it is.

  • Bring liquid for proper hydration 
  • Plan ahead to ensure you have everything you need (towel, swim fins, helmet) 
  • When you prepare ahead of time it can also help keep you motivated. Less likely to talk yourself out of the workout if everything is all set and ready to go. 
  • Pre-Workout drink: Before a workout I drink a pre-workout for me it’s it’s been a needle mover and I love how I feel it’s promoting fluid hydration and it tastes good and it works so I love that
  • Pack your After Workout drink. When I swim my workouts are pretty intense so I’m physically and mentally exhausted when I’m done so I’ll have a post-workout drink that is awesome helps optimize recovery and I’m usually drinking that like as I’m walking out of the facility grab a quick shower and change and then that’s my go-to. 

So those are all the things that I do to prepare for my workout and I think the one thing that you could take away from this point to implement into your life right away is to plan one thing that you can do to prepare for your workout.

That’s different for everyone, it could be packing your gym bag, bringing your water or bringing your yoga mat, putting your shoes out the night before so you’re ready to go on the run whatever it is. 

Maximizing Your Exercise Time

Obviously maximizing our exercise time is key. You need to ask yourself, what is the objective of the workout? What special considerations do you need to consider. Is there a pre-existing condition? How much time do you have?

For some high-intensity interval training could be a great answer but for others who can hardly get down on the ground or get out of bed a 15 minute walk may be perfect.

  1. Listen to your body 
  2. let your body be the driver of what type of workout you do. 

Find out what you can do and then be consistent. Get creative workout outside if you can or look indoors maybe you have stairs and you can run the stairs in your house for 15 minutes. 

The key is to be consistent. Consistency is much better than one big workout. And then find what works into your fitness level and into your lifestyle.

After Your Workout

I’m a huge believer in post-workout stretching to me that’s when my body is like open and primed and ready and within the first 15 minutes of the workout ending I am stretching. Then for me, as I shared earlier, I want to hydrate my body. My body needs replenishment and I’m usually pretty thirsty when I’m done so I am focusing on my post-workout stretch and then I’m also focusing on my post-workout hydration. 

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