Overcoming Fear of the Gym


Anxious about Going to the Gym?

Many people want to go the gym but fear running into

  • Big mean bodybuilders
  • Complicated Machines
  • Judgmental people
  • and complete failure!

But fear not…I’ve got some tips to help you feel less anxious about heading to the gym.

Tips to Feel Less Anxious About The Gym

#1 Take a tour and meet the staff

View where you will be working out, and meet the trainers. Trainers can help you learn the proper way to use the equipment and feel more comfortable. The more familiar you can be before you start, the better.

#2 Go during off hours

Going at off hours when the gym is less crowded can help you feel less anxious. Additionally, you won’t have to wait to use the equipment! Early in the morning or later at night are usually best. Although I go at 1:10pm in the afternoon and it’s not crowded (I’m there after the lunch crowd and before the “just got out of work” crowd.

#3 Have a Plan

Map out what you want to do while you’re there Just getting there and wandering around randomly hoping on machines probably won’t result in much progress. Before you go have a goal in mind and a specific workout you want to accomplish. You’ll feel more confident, focused and you’ll get better results.

#4 Bring a friend

A good friend, someone who’s supportive and will give you the confidence you need. The best way to break through your gym fear is to go do it. I find most people are very supportive and helpful.

Be proud of yourself for going because the only way you fail is to quit.

What scare you most about going to the gym? Leave a comment below.


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