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What’s So Bad About Sitting?

– CAC increased Heart Attack risk
– Increased risk for Type 2 Diabetes
– Weight Gain – weight sensors in your bones are not detecting your full weight and triggering you to eat more.

What Can You Do to Sit Less?

– Make Time to Exercise
– Keep a “sitting log” to track the amount of time you spend sitting every day.
– The Sitting Time Calculator and the Calorie Burn Calculator are FREE on-line tools you can use to assess the amount of time you’re currently sitting.
– When you’re on the phone stand-up
– Stand up while you’re watching TV (better yet exercise by marching in place or doing Yoga, etc…)
– Have a walking meeting;
– Rather than call a colleague on the phone, get up and go see them;
– Take a walk at lunch;

Getting up to stand or walk for even a minute or two every hour can make a difference.

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