The Best Day of the Week to Weigh Yourself


I’ve never really been crazy about math…all those numbers. I suppose it’s no fault of the numbers themselves, I mean 7 never did anything to me personally. Sometimes numbers are good like “how much did you win in the lottery?” and sometimes they’re not so good like “how much of that do I need to pay in taxes?”

Another place where numbers can be friend or foe is the scale! Weighing yourself can motivate you to keep going, help you track your progress and leave you feeling great…Or…can make you feel discouraged and ready to throw in the towel.

Rules for Weighing – In

So if you are working hard to stay in shape and you want to check the scale, do yourself a favor and follow these simple rules:

Calendar1- Don’t weigh yourself more than once a week! (otherwise you’ll drive yourself crazy!) and your weight can fluctuate wildly through out the week. For the most accurate representation only weigh-in once a week on the same day and at the same time.

2- Weigh yourself when you first wake up and before you’ve had anything to eat! Generally, you weigh less first thing in the morning!

3 – Weigh yourself with no clothes on. (assuming you’re doing it in the privacy of your own home that is!)

4- Weigh yourself on Wed. Why Wednesday? Well, the theory goes like this. If you fall off the “I’m watching what I eat and exercising” band wagon chances are you do it on the weekend and then you spend the rest of the week playing catch-up. That means you probably weigh the most on Sunday night and the least on Friday. So…. Wed can give you a good “middle” reading.

Whatever time and day of the week works best for you the key is to be consistent so you get a good comparison. Try not to obsess over it. Ultimately, getting in shape should be more about how you feel.

After-all, you’re not just a number!


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