The Fit N 14 Challenge


I’m taking on a 14 Day Challenge to improve my health and fitness and It got me thinking….what else can be done in 14 days?

Well if you’re a Turtle:

And you’re able to average a walking speed of 3 miles per hour you could walk from New York City to Cincinnati, Ohio and still have time to stop and eat and sleep.

The NEXT two weeks could be deadly:

In 14 days, 16,000 people will have died from smoking related diseases, 1600 from car accidents, 2 from lightning strikes, and 1 from a dog bite.

You could eat WAY WAY LESS than Healthy food:

In the two weeks, over 200 million people worldwide will be served by McDonalds

Take the FIT N 14 Challenge

Or you could improve your health and fitness by joining me for the FIT N 14 challenge!
It’s FREE, FUN and Fabulous

You can even win Amazing Prizes!!!

We get started on 10/28/19 and the group is now open so head on over to and sign-up.

Did you miss this group? No worries…I do a new challenge twice a month. Head over to the group for the latest info!! See you there!


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