Where Do Toxins in Your Body Come From?


Many of the things you think are signs of old age (like poor sleep, fatigue, aches and pains and more) could be symptoms of toxins in your body. Believe me I thought old age was a problem for me too.

I was already eating really well, no red meat, lots of fruits and vegetables but when I did my first detox (in a LONG time) I found that toxins were at the root of many of my “old age” issues.

Did you know that even if you..

  • eat really well,
  • stay away from processed foods,
  • include lots of organic fruits, vegetables, fresh cold water fish and grass fed beef in your diet it’s still likely you’ve got toxins in your system?

So where are all these toxins coming from?

Toxins are all around you and virtually impossible to avoid. While your body does have elimination systems designed to rid your body of toxins many are overwhelmed. There are simply too many toxins in our modern life to keep up.

So now that you know where toxins come from what can you do about them? Periodic cleansing can help keep your motor clean and running smoothly. You clean your teeth, you change the oil in your car so why not make a cleanse for your body a regular routine? I like to do it at least twice a year to stay energized and feeling great!

Learn more about the benefits of a cleanse with the following FREE video. Just leave your name and email and I’ll rush your copy to you. Discover the foods that are sabotaging your best efforts and what you should eat to support your body’s natural detoxification systems. Start feeling great today!



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